uPVC, Soffit and Fascia Cleaning in Wolverhampton

uPVC, Soffit & Fascia Cleaning in Wolverhampton

Kerb appeal is quite a common phrase these days, put simply a clean & tidy property exterior whether it is that of a home or business premises can give either a good or bad impression and a clean property has that kerb appeal that people speak of.

Although uPVC, Soffits and Fascias are virtually maintenance free, like anything else it gets dirty and over time can become grey and require cleaning.  Even worse it can become covered in moss and algae turning it green, brown or even black and if left can stain the uPVC quite badly.

From the safety of the ground we apply a professional grade degreasing agent then using lightweight telescopic poles and stiff purpose made brushes we simply scrub the dirt loose and then rinse it away with water.  We will get up close and personal if severe staining can't be removed with this method though.

Whichever method we use for cleaning your uPVC, Soffits and Fascias rest assured that they can be returned to virtually new condition with a shine they never had before and your property will definitely have that kerb appeal when we're finished.  All of this quickly, safely and at very reasonable prices from Wolverhamptons uPVC cleaning specialists.  Rest assured too that All Round Cleaning staff are fully insured and very experienced cleaners.

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