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Are you looking for a window cleaner with good reviews in wolverhampton ?

If you are you are in the right place ! we have a full 5 star rating on google as of the 13/7/2015 and also a full 5 star rating on

All of our reviews are from actual paying customers and are not made up reviews to try and gain work from posting fake reviews .

Anyone can write a fake review for anything and i myself have had to have fake reviews taken down in the past from competitors posting reviews on my business listing luckily for me seen that the person posting the review had actually reviewed a couple of local businesses and given them all 1 star ratings !

Every business has competition but then there are just spiteful businesses that wish to try and tarnish another business by leaving negative reviews .


Gutter clearing / gutter cleaning


Gutter cleaning / gutter clearing , what is the difference ?

Well there is not much difference between the both to be honest but some customers request gutter clearing and some customers request gutter cleaning . But they are more or less the same thing just different ways of asking for the same service .

the only major difference between clearing and cleaning is one is where we empty the gutters and the other is where we empty the gutters and wash them down afterwards . but they will both entail the gutters being emptied , And depending on wether or not the customer requests the gutters to be washed after emptying .

We can currently empty / clear gutters upto 30 feet using our gutter vacuum system and wash them down too although we are looking at expanding our gutter cleaning pole system in coming months to accomodate larger jobs .

gutter cleaning

have a look at our gutter vac in action click here for youtube


What does your window cleaner do ?


What does your window cleaner do ?

Yes thats correct what does your window cleaner do when they clean your windows ?
Most potential customers or enquiries we deal with say " oh our window cleaner cleans just the glass "

Why would your window cleaner just clean the glass though ? surely they should clean the whole of the window ? if not why not ? ask the question why they do not clean the whole of the window . We here at All Round Cleaning Midlands LTD ensure that we clean the whole of the window which includes all of the glass , frames , sills and not forgetting your doors too ! YES we clean the doors too and we also include the garage door if you have one .


conservatory cleaning wolverhampton / dudley , gutter cleaning wolverhapton / dudley


Over the past couple of months we have been extremeley busy here at All Round Cleaning .

We have undertaken more conservatory cleaning and gutter cleaning in the wolverhampton and dudley areas this year than any other to date , Days where we usually have a day off we have had to get out there and get all this extra work done .

The phone has been busy and so has the emails they have been coming in thick and fast and customers booking in for a range of services


Gutter cleaning

Conservatory cleaning

Conservatory roof cleaning

Window cleaning

Customers must be sitting in their gardens and seing that all these jobs need doing and like most people just leave it and leave it unil they can no longer leave it any more ! its like that little itch that the longer you leave it the more you want to scratch it eventually it needs to be done .

If you are looking for any of the above jobs to be undertaken then why not give us a call on 01902475041 or 07944022868 or fill in the contact us form on the site for a free no obligation quotation at the best rates available . Whilst we still have space for all this extra work .




Gutter cleaning in Dudley

Here are a few pictures of a job we did last week gutter cleaning in dudley


we did an initial inspection of the guttering for free using out mobile cctv unit and poles to get up to the gutters and show the customer what was in the guttering the customer then decided that they wished to have the work undertaken .

We had a total of around 160 litres of leaves , pine needles , water out the guttering as the water wasnt being allowed to run freely to the downpipes due to them being blocked by all of the above . imagine all the extra weight that the guttering was holding due to them being full , if they had of been left any longer the customer would have been in trouble as it was already starting to overflow in 1 spot .


Cladding cleaning , west midlands and wolverhampton

Do you have cladding on exterior of your property ?

Is it going green with algae ?

Do you want it cleaned ?

If so you are in the right place ! here at All Round Cleaning Midlands LTD we specialise in cladding cleaning as well as other exterior cleaning services . We have cleaned hundreds of properties that have had cladding that has gone green and sometimes even black with the dirt that has accumalated over time .

We have recently seen an increase in enquries for this service especially since we have had an increase in damp weather and a warm temperature enabling algae to grow .

if you would like a free no obligation quotation for cladding cleaning west midlands and wolverhampton area please call 07944022868 .



cladding cleaning cladding cleaning during cladding cleaning after